Sales of the Sony A99

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Re: Sales of the Sony A99

Trevor_S wrote:

BuDWiZe wrote:

i played with teh d800 for a model shoot

i now have the a99 and while its 12mp less i REALLY Like the a99 ALOT more

i personally think its fantastic and theyve mostly sold out here in australia only a few left around at teh moment

I owned an older D300 and lenses, had them stolen, thought about the D800 and E, didn't grab me, so I looked around and saw the A99 being released not a big fan of SONY and there aftersales support (bad experience with them years ago so I have shied away from them ever since) but the A99 looks interesting. As you have used both why you like about the A99 ?

Where did you source yours ? (From a fellow Aussie)

Hi mate i got mine from digital camera wharehouse. nt sure if they have any left. i know sony store had 2 left in brisbaen as they called me today to see if i wanted 1

when i tried mates d800 when i did strobe was ok but in nat light my god it was hard to avoid movememnt blur even at decent shutter speeds. HE did not have any VR lenses and taht camera straight up needs it. especially when your hitting low light without the VR its super tough. my mates like cryign as he bascially has to sell all his lens and rebuy them all in VR as he likes doign alot of natural light portrait and you dont always have luxury of a super super high shutter speed.

the image quality im gettin goff the a99 is as good as the d800 bar the fact we have 24vs 36mp. same with the iso they are much and muchness in a raw image and both can be treated very well with nosie reduction software. infact i do find i get a bit better colour out of a99 than the higher iso files i had on the d800 in some natural light shots but that could also have been from WB differences ect as shtos were in differing situations.

ive never used a EVF before. i went to hardly normals and looked at the a99 evf and found it interesteing. sinc ei got teh a99 however this is straight up the way of the future. canikon will eventually take on the efv tech. AND it will ofcourse only improve over time with newer generations of EVF tech.

with teh MP sizes 36 is pretty big and even my quad core 12 gig machine gets put to its knees. 24 mp works good only a little bit of lag at times when editing so considering image quality is pretty much identical adn i dont realyl print a 6 foot size image i think 24mp is the sweet spot.

i now love the EVF and all its plusses and minuses(which you can workaround like any other tool )

i highly reccomend to go into the sony store they have them on display for a play. then you will see if you like it or not but for me i think its a supurb camera taht will take quality images as good as 5dIII/d800 ect

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