D800/E Battery Grip - Which 3rd Party Grip is BEST

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Re: D800/E Battery Grip - Which 3rd Party Grip is BEST

I can only comment on the pixel vertax one I have. Overall  really like the grip, feels very sturdy and secure so far, 6fps works with the AA's
I'm not happy with the battery level indicator using AA's though, it does not seem to be accurate, it starts of high when a freshly charged set of batteries (even with new eneloops) are put in, then after some use will drop down to almost empty but you may still have a lot of shooting capacity left.
I don't know whether this is a discrepancy with just my copy or whether this is true for all Pixel Vertax grips for the D800, I did ask the question on here the other day but didn't get any reply...
I wish I'd have tried the DSTE grip with the EN-EL18 battery now possibly, that would be a much better battery, I miss my old D3 with it's almost endless shooting capacity.

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