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Re: APSC Lenses

Lots of bizarre choices, but Samyang's got that 10mm f2.8 covered at least. (Though who really needs it with the Tokina 11-16mm?)

Most of the choices are loony. 35mm f1.4? There already is one and a cheap 35mm f1.8, too. With economies of scale taken into account, why would a 35mm f1.4 that only covers DX make any sense. And the 58mm f1.4? What? That was a focal length that went out of fashion since it was awkwardly long (some say) on FF. On DX it's like 90mm. Is that a) such a big difference over the fast fifty and b) a focal length anyone pines for specifically?

Why no love for the 18mm? It's the wide end of every normal lens on DX and APS-C. People use this focal length a lot...

The only APS-C focal length that makes any sense to me (other than UWAs such as Samyang's new one) is a 16mm f1.4, 17mm f1.4 or 18mm f1.4. A fast lens, equivalent in focal length to the ever-popular 24mm prime or once-popular and underrated 28mm prime. The fastest lenses this wide for Nikon DX are f2.8 primes or f2.8 zooms. This and the 10mm f2.8 sort of make sense. The rest are bizarre and redundant for the most part.

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