Canon SX40 versus Canon SX50

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Re: Low light performance comparison between the two cameras?

Laif wrote:

Hi Stephen,

You seem very knowledgeable about both the SX40 and the SX50. I just bought the former, but I'm considering returning it and getting the latter, instead. The only really serious concern I have is the higher minimum aperature of the SX50.

One person left a pretty cut and dry review on Amazon, saying that the camera really isn't a good all-around camera because of the deficiencies with low light level situations. He recommends it only for people who are birders or wildlife photographers.

Can you confirm or deny this? Is the SX50 really noticeably worse than the SX40 when snapping pics in low light, indoor situations?

One of my concerns was indoor low light pictures.  The only light in this room was lights on the tree and a small table lamp on the other side of the table.  I'm posting both the original (just resized) and after post processing.

shutter 1/5 ISO 800 F/3.4  AV priority Superfine

shutter 1/5 ISO 800 F/3.4  AV priority Superfine

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