The Illusion of the 45 / 30mp Foveon Sensor

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The truth is somewhere in between.

The truth is somewhere in between.

Take the best glass out there and put it on a medium format size *single rgb pixel* sensor. There, you have your ultra high quality pixel (*). Can you print it large? No.

Now take the worst glass out there, paint it with butter put on a stack of super low quality uv filters and make a 200MS picture. Then you have *200 megapixels* of mud. Can you print large with that? No.

So neither the pixel quality nor the amount of pixels *alone* gives any indication about how large you can print.

MTF50 is closer related to the print size you can reasonably do with a picture. But of course MTF50 does not tell the whole story.



(*) Do we have a *formal* definition of pixel quality?

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