24 - 70 f/2.8 on DX Camera, thoughts?

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Re: 24 - 70 f/2.8 on DX Camera, thoughts?

Anticipating an eventual switch to FX, I bought a 24-70 instead of a 17-55 a few years ago.  I used it for over a year on my D300, sometimes on D200.    Now it gets used mostly on a D700.

So I've used it on DX and FX.    While it 'fits' better on FX as a focal range, I think I may have liked it better on DX.

It's an excellent lens on DX or FX in almost any situation.  It has few weak points.

On FX, it would be like the 17-55 DX zoom on DX.    And ... while it's a handy range for a lot of mundane stuff, it tends to be a boring range.    On DX, it was not always wide enough, so I had to pair it with a wide zoom.   On FX, it's often wide enough that I don't feel the need to always bring a wider lens along.

However, on DX, it was really nice for portraits.   On FX, it's a bit short.    For outdoor general usage and indoor portraits, I found the focal range to work well on a DX camera.  I'd recommend it, as long as you have something wide to complement it.

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