Miss a lens at the long end.

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Re: Miss a lens at the long end.

The lenses you listed tend to have different uses.

The 70-200, which I firmly believe is a much better focal length for FX than DX, is what I'd call a 'people' and 'event' lens.   On FX, it's a very nice focal range for shooting people outdoors.  It's too short for wildlife.  On DX, it's not wide enough, and it's still too short for wildlife.

The 300F4 is a nice (very nice) prime, and it tends to be chosen when you want more focal length but can't afford it.   Better IQ than any zoom I know of at 300mm, and takes at least a 1.4 tc reasonably well.

The 70-300 is your ultimate compromise lens.   It's really, really good for the price, but it's not as good at 300 as the prime, and you don't want to use it with a TC.   However, it's affordable and packs a lot (LOT!) easier than the 300F4.   A good deal lighter too.

It would seem to me that what you shoot, as well as your budget, should lean you heavily toward one of the options.

Personally, I think the 16-85vr and 70-300vr is a great two-lens DX combo.  Very portable, and to get more IQ you'll pay a lot more in price and/or weight.

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