Epson 3800 Maintenance Cartridge

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Re: Epson 3800 Maintenance Cartridge

I purchased a maint cart resetter from Jon Cone, wasn't cheap ($80+) so break-even point is 3-4 carts if you include shpg charges for each replacement.

Benefit is the reset of a cart when you need it. A non-destructive modification I made to my cart: in the semi-circular D shaped space I inserted a plastic bottle cap. This captures all the ink waste generated--I empty the cap every 10+ days, rinse it off and replace. After 14 mos. my foam packing is 98% clean and will never need a replacement.

I'm quite surprised no one posted any sources, a less costly device appeared on Amazon(?) several months ago--but the vendor sold his small batch and left no info about a new batch.

I urge everyone who has bought a useful 'widget' to do more than talk about it--give us readers a link to its source--the 'more eyes on the prize' the better a worthwhile review!!

irv weiner

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