Imac monitor calibration concern

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Re: Imac monitor calibration concern

plantdoc wrote:

I am thinking about a new computer and perhaps an Imac. However, I seem to remember that the digital column author for "Shutterbug" magazine has written in the past that the Imac monitor was problematic to calibrate. First, the most significant issue was excessive brightness in a moderately light room. He indicated that the monitor lacked sufficient adjustment to obtain the appropriate brightness level to avoid the "dark prints" issue linked to editing on a too bright monitor. He recommended a calibrator/ software package that can make adjustments through the software directly. Also, I believe he expressed some concerns about LED monitors. Any experiences in this regard? If I remember correctly (maybe), he recommended the mini and a separate IPS, tube light monitor.


I suspect it's more to do with the glass on the display rather than the display itself. This is more readily corrected by removing that glass and, should you not want to have the "innards" so exposed, there are options: to tidy things up. Having said that, I'm pretty happy with the Spyder 4 and my iMac/Thunderbolt combination for calibration results and I still have the glass attached.

However, there are much more professional display options out there so if it is really that critical to you, then the iMac is probably not the best choice.

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