Why do posted images remain untagged?

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Re: Why do posted images remain untagged?

gollywop wrote:

Simon Joinson wrote:

gollywop wrote:

While dPreview gallery images retain their profiles, the posted images taken from them are untagged. This means that many viewers see these images with distorted colors, sometimes significantly.

Even if a color-managed browser assumes an sRGB profile for untagged images, this problem can arise. Almost all color-managed browsers fail to convert the output from untagged images using the monitor's profile. Thus, to the extent that a monitor's gamut differs significantly from sRGB, color distortion occurs.

This is particularly true for wide-gamut monitors whose gamuts approach or exceed Adobe RGB. The result is an image that is very unpleasantly over-saturated in the reds and greens. But the issues are not limited to wide-gamut monitors.

At the moment, among all the color-managed browsers, only Firefox not only assumes sRGB for untagged images, but also converts its output using the monitor's profile. Thus, only those using Firefox can be assured of seeing colors as the poster intends.

dPreview can readily solve this problem simply by including the profile in their in-line posted images, which I hope and trust they will do. PLEASE.

For those interested in this issue and checking out the suitability of their own browsers in this regard, see




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The problem is what happens when non-color-managed browsers load the images, where embedded profiles can give rise to seriously distorted colors. We could, of course, preserve the profile, and in future I've no doubt we will (when we pass the 'color managed browser tipping point'). For now the best advice when sharing on the web is to save images in the lowest common denominator sRGB color space, and for windows users to switch to Firefox (and turn on full color management). I know this isn't ideal, but for now I don't think we can code for the small number of users with wide gamut calibrated monitors, or ignore the large number of visitors with non-color-managed operating systems / browsers.

This doesn't make sense. The problem is readily solved simply by adding the sRGB profile to in-line displayed profiles. It's not just people with wide-gamut monitors who get distorted colors; it's anyone whose monitor is not limited effectively to sRGB. And people with non-color-managed browsers are out to lunch no matter what you do, even if they assume sRGB, so why are you trying to cater to them?.

BTW we will be reintroducing 'inline graphics' (using a URL) soon, which will allow you to display images hosted outside the forums using an embedded profile.

That's great, but why can't your own hosting system do the proper job as well?


You've got them. Just tag your in-line posted images as sRGB, and you (and we) will be fine. It seems straight forward and obvious.


Sorry i misunderstood what we were doing (i hadn't realized we weren't assigning ´╗┐any ´╗┐color profile). Ignore everything i said.

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