Why Romney/repubs gunning to repeal healthcare?

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Prakash Heda Contributing Member • Posts: 520
Why Romney/repubs gunning to repeal healthcare?

Feel free to bash about obama but in regard to obamacare only, this is to ensure there is some quality discussion over this subject, only those who consider themselves reasonable fact based repubs please let us know your viewpoint...

Obamacare has same principles which Romney care was based on, and dems supported him, repubs cheered him then...

Top 3 things it covers....

1. Every American should be insured, 45 mn people who are not insured are covered because of that

2. 101 mn people get coverage for pre exsting condition

3. Kids can live with their parents upto age 26

And several others but to me those top 3 are the ones most important, I would like to understand why Romney/repubs are opposing it…

  1. Does repubs are against core principles of healthcare reform?
  • Which Obama and Romney both agreed before that Americans needs, Romney is the one who recommended it to be implemented nationally, what changed then makes Romney/Repubs repeal it?
  • Romney has successfully implemented it in Massachusetts and results are awesome

2. Or is it the cost of program which bothers?

  • I understand that’s Obama said it will have no cost (he was wrong), though its gonna cost, but if you look at any program covers above 3 conditions it bound to have some cost…. 
  • At this point Romney has no plan which suggests after repeal how he will implement and ensure above clause covered what would be the cost....
  • Romney does say he is going to keep at-least 2 of the clause I mentioned above of Obama care, (but he is not saying anything about 45mn American's?)
  • http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2012/09/fact-check-mitt-romney-on-obamacare-and-pre-existing-conditions/
  • After you know the cost of this method, only than you will be able to say weather obamacare worth or not...efficient or not...
  •  Here's a link from Repubs site (worst case scenario for obamacare)
  • http://townhall.com/tipsheet/guybenson/2012/06/13/surprise_obamacare_will_continue_to_increase_costs_study_shows
  • As per this the cost of healthcare under Obamacare will increase by 478 billion over a decade (48 Bn every year) because 45 MILLION more lives will be covered, which was, by the way, the reason for Obamacare in the first place.

Or republicans believe that Healthcare is needed but it needs to be more efficient, fund it better?  If that’s the case no need to repeal that….just say you want to fix it…..

Here is what bothers me most...go ahead repeal it, but first tell us what are you going to replace it with, how are you going to cover those 45 mn who are not covered if obamacare is repealed?  America has asked for it for years and Obama is the first president who has taken this big/tough task….

For me bearing this this cost is the best donation one can gave which goes directly to poor's who really need it....

I am against the repeal of it, unless one replace it with something better than Obamacare......(No promises, real plan with positives and with approximate cost estimations)

I am looking forward to hear from repubs who feels they have a valid/logical reason to repeal it…(if you think why should I pay for those 45mn who are not covered I understand, any other reasons)

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