Will NEX get a f/2.8 standard zoom?

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Not really about bokeh

spacemn wrote:

KM Legacy wrote:

What Sony needs is not a fast zoom, but a high-quality, sharp zoom. (Constant F4 would be fine.) People who feel they "need" fast lenses and don't care about size and weight should stay with SLR/SLTs, and quit bugging Sony to make fast lenses for NEX, which aren't needed with Sony's amazing sensors.

The 16-50mm pancake is not the answer, because the IQ isn't there.

I tend to agree with you and a F4 constant aperture would also be nice. But, fast lenses is not only for low light purpose, but also to get better looking bokeh. Long FL together with a low f-number equals a nice bokeh in my opinion, because of the big physical size of the aperture.

If it was only for low light purpose we would need a fast lens, yes, then I would not need more than constant F4 and OSS on a standard zoom.

How do you know that the sharpness on the SEL16-50 is not good btw? Unless the corner sharpnedd is like the 16mm wide open then we should probably wait for more quantitative results.

It's not really about bokeh with the 17-50. You get better bokeh with primes and faster than f2.8 lenses. The reason for this lens is lens speed. When shooting weddings, events, street, you want the zoom range and the fast lens to stop or minimize movement blur. F4 is not going to cut it.

To illustrate - If you get 1/15 shutter speed at 50mm at f4, then you get 1/30 for the same FL but at f2.8. That 1/30 could be enough to stop motion. Same if the f4 gives you just 1/30 at 50mm. At f2.8, now you have 1/60 for 50mm which is what is normally desired.

It's also a little bit about DOF or subject isolation also, though you get less of it at the wider end with an aps-c sized sensor. But you take what you can at 35-50mm range. That helps somewhat.

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