Will NEX get a f/2.8 standard zoom?

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I beg to disagree

KM Legacy wrote:

What Sony needs is not a fast zoom, but a high-quality, sharp zoom. (Constant F4 would be fine.) People who feel they "need" fast lenses and don't care about size and weight should stay with SLR/SLTs, and quit bugging Sony to make fast lenses for NEX, which aren't needed with Sony's amazing sensors.

The 16-50mm pancake is not the answer, because the IQ isn't there.

I beg to disagree. There are many reasons.

Your position about DSLR/SLTs already shows the value of large lenses. In fact,

2nd, there is no escaping large lenses. That's basically the physics of it all if you want larger apertures/fast lenses, and/or longer FL. The 17-55 or 16-55 range is a well used FL. Just look at all the variations that come out with this range. Some even go longer than 55mm to 85mm, or 105mm. The reason is simple, it is a good range. The Canon 17-55 f2.8 IS and Tamron 17-50 f2.8 di-2 has been classics and this is one range and aperture that will service, wedding, events, PJ, street photographers. That is

3rd, to deny the possibility of these lenses is to shut yourself out with other types of photography, and even limit switchers. Any camera makers hope to capture market

4th,  why are you averse to bigger lenses? The world does not revolve to your needs alone. There are other needs for other people. It's simple, you don't like larger? Don't buy them. But to say that that is not needed is a big mistake. It's not that there is no prior experience to this. The market has spoken years ago to the value of a 16-55 f2.8 range zoom. It sells.

5th, not all these lenses are really that big you make them sound. They can be reasonably sized. In fact, competitive and in line to what is available with DSLRs/SLT. If any, the new designs, especially by Tamron can be smaller than their competitors. Give the pancakes and the smaller lenses to those who want them, and give the fast lenses to those who want them. Trust me, as a wedding/events shooter, there is a need for an f2.8 17-50 and 55-135 f2.8 range lens. We'll likely wait longer for the 2nd one, but for sure, a 17-50 f2.8 will come in sooner.

6th, the idea that if one larger lens one has to go dslr/slt is a misguided and silly idea/move. Why? The reality is that the NEX body is small. All one has to do is build smaller lenses later on. But due to the physics of it, the DSLR will never go smaller than it is now. The reason why m4/3 and NEX is getting a lot of traction is the small lens body. Consider the bashing NEX got in the 1st year and 2nd year due to large lenses. And yet, it became a hit. Why? It's the small body that does a lot of amazing things.

7th - People forget that what really pushes is the body, not the lenses. Look at the excellent lineup of Pentax. Look at the almost complete lineup of MILC of Samsung? Why not takers? Why isn't the buyer moved? It's the camera, silly! And the major brands now that that is the battlefield, not the lenses. As long as Sony builds and extend the capabilities of NEX bodies, the lenses update can

Not that lenses are not important. But how many lenses do people really need? Most don't even buy more than the kit lens. Others, will likely get a 55-200 range for the sports or soccer use of it. And once you buy a 50 f1.8 or a 17-50 f2.8, will you buy another in 3-5 years? I doubt it. But you will need to upgrade bodies. That is a higher probability. So, though we do need lenses, the important thing for camera makers is to make lenses that will likely sell first before embarking on less bought models and ranges.

And I didn't say the 16-50 was a pancake. Sony doesn't even call it as such. And though not everyone needs a small 16-50, that is a desirable lens to have, at the compromise of lens speed.

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