RX100 DPR review samples - Studio test shot not sharp at centre, please explain.

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Re: RX100 DPR review samples - Studio test shot not sharp at centre, please explain.

YiannisPP wrote:

So what is going on there?! Other elements around appear reasonably sharp, but not that card and the wall behind it.

Very simply, they are out of focus.  And thus, I would say that DPR's methodology is about 100% useless.

For an eye-opening experience, download the entire image for a number of cameras.  If you're looking at JPEG comparisons, for instance, note how there is a "Download:  JPEG" link under the image from each camera in DPR's Studio Comparison shot.  Click those links, and download a bunch of full-sized pictures.  Then take a good look at them in your favorite viewer.

You will be ASTONISHED at the differences in framing you will find.  Pull up ten or a dozen different cameras, and you will see wide differences in framing that DPR has used.

The simple fact is that there is "depth" to the objects in that test scene, and you will find some cameras, like the RX100, which will show that depth, even to the point that the back wall is out of focus.  Other cameras will show utterly no depth at all.

Thus, the images you see in this comparison simply, utterly are not comparable.  It's an utter crapshoot whether you'll find images that were taken similarly enough to serve as useful comparisons.  And it's far more likely that you'll find images that are so different from each other, that they're downright misleading, as used in this so-called "test."

As far as I'm concerned, the preponderance of whites and grays in the scene makes the full images useful for seeing JPEG output "color casts," or call them differences in "white balance" if you will.  But since the routine is always to use custom white balance settings, I think the shots will show "color casts," or a camera's overall differences in color accuracy.

So, that's the story.  If you want to compare images, go to Imaging Resource's Compar-O-Meter, where they've figured out how to produce comparable images from different cameras.

Tom Hoots

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