What don´t you like about Einstein E640?

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Re: I don't like the name

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Einstein just sounds weird to me. Albert Einstein was a Physicist not a photographer. I don't see what his name has to do with studio lights...

Buff originally was to put out two light lines, a more professional line called Max, and the Einsteins. The Max was continually delayed and never came to fruition.

The name is terrible, I think it is a juvenile aim at Elinchrom: the E, the Swiss thing, etc.

Brian A

I thought it was because the lights were "smart".

Yep I agree that was most likely the purpose, but as Margret Thatcher said: "If you have to say you are, then you aren't".

Then where does that leave ProFoto?

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Film is a four letter word

Pro actually just stands for professional, implying they design and market their gear for professional photographers. Professional does not automatically mean something is good. Some professionals are good at their job and some are bad. Some professional gear also is good and some is bad. ProFoto itself of course is known as a company that makes good products.

I always wonder about people who confuse the words "professional" or "professional grade" with something being good. A product can be "professional grade" and still be a bad product.

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