Why do posted EXIF not show camera model?

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Re: Answers justifying DPR's failure to remedy the sRGB ICC Color Profile situation requested

Detail Man wrote:

Adrian Godong wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

As I understand it, DPR seperately re-samples and re-encodes the JPG versions of the uploaded Original JPGs. This is clear because the "Large", "Medium", and "Small" versions have a sRGB ICC Color Profile within their image-file meta-data - whereas the in-post displayed JPGs do not.

Yes, this is true.

While gollywop and I have posted numerous posts (in the Open Talk as well as the Micro Four Thirds forums) indicating that DPReview's continued failure to include a sRGB ICC Color Profile in the image-file meta-data of the JPGs that are used for display in forum-posts has real and deleterious effects upon any viewer who does not use an sRGB-calibrated monitor, and who does not happen to use Firefox 3.6+ with color management enabled ...

... DPReview has remained completely silent on this matter, and has taken no action whatsoever to remedy this clearly problematic situation. What reasoning could possibly justify allowing such a problematic (and easily remedy-able situation) to continue ? Please explain.

It's fixed, but caching takes a day to catch up and regenerate posted images. New images should have the tags on them.

Further, if the in-post displayed JPGs are being generated from anything other than the Original uploaded JPG, that would mean that (after whatever Chroma Sub-sampling has been applied to the Original uploaded JPG in it's encoding), the Original image is redundantly being (2x2) Chroma-Sub-sampling twice in the DPR JPEG re-encoding processes.

The in-post display is generated from the original source. And if it's not obvious, if you link the Large image from Galleries, then that will be the "original source" for the in-post image.

My quoted statement related (specifically) to the situation where the "Large" vesrion of gollywop's DPR Image Gallery image had been (via URL) been inserted into a post (because that was the only way that the particular poster was able to access and utilize gollywop's image.

You are correct.

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