A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

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Re: A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

philbot wrote:

Surely, the slight NR applied to the a65 should just destroy all the underlying information, and you'll be able to show where the 'pure' A57 image holds the advantage with ease, assuming you are correct that is.

Who cares? The chroma performance of the A65 is worse at high ISO. Whether I can apply NR to an A65 RAW and show detail destruction has nothing to do with the fact that no such noise reduction can occur without a quid pro quo of detail loss, regardless of quantifying its severity.

Or are you trying to say that chroma NR is lossless?

If you want to progress your argument, why not show where the NR'd A65 image is clearly suffering in its lack of image information at ISO3200 compared to the 'pure' A57 image. That's all we ask.

As I have told you before, I am not here to prove a negative and I don't feel my argument needs progressing. Certainly nobody else here has been doing that, so why should I? I think the data speaks for itself.

It's my view that the A65 has quite good image quality in general and there's no need to make a huge deal out of it having slightly noisier high ISO than 16MP models by making a mockery out of a NR process. I don't think post processed files are relevant to this discussion. That there IS (some) more chroma noise at baseline is, however, a fact.

It's no good just pointing out the obvious difference in visible noise OOC in light of what dpreview themselves say about ACR, or are you really saying that noise is more important then the information within it?

Moreover, do you agree with your 24MP compatriot here saying DPR is utterly useless and that given any variance in pipeline processing IC, no such comparisons or baselines exist that are relevant?

You and swede disqualify whole websites based on minor exposure or testing variance if it suits your need to dismiss specific results or images, but then similarly dismiss 'minor differences' in chroma noise as 'easily removed' in post. I suppose the double standard there isn't obvious to you..?

This really is getting ridiculous. And going nowhere. I'm out - you and theswede can compare notes at your leisure.

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