Opinion on SLR/n vs other options

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Re: Opinion on SLR/n vs other options

Mescalamba wrote:

I know its a bit lot to ask, but can I have one RAW from your autumn shooting? Just wonder how it looks on 100% view.. I have few samples, but pretty poor ones (bad lens, bad focus).

No sorry. I can post 100% crops from developed image but no raws. Here is 100% crop from the tree one - off center to the right:

Responst to other posts:

Otherwise 1Ds vs SLR/n .. heh. Yea maybe 1Ds has bit less problems in resolution department (but its AA really isnt much better than no AA on SLR/n .. rather opposite). But that camera had worst colors ever, literally colorblind. I think only shooting with magenta filter and compensation could sorta help that.

I was not comparing anything with anything else - just replying to empty statements.

And one tiny important thing. When 1Ds and SLR/n were new, we didnt have exactly broad selection of RAW developing programs or algorithms. Today we have..

I think you may be surprised. At the very least there was RawMagic Lite and that used floating point raw conversion and gave a very good results. Kodak own Photodesk gives a very good colour and C1 also was not bad in terms of resolution department with Kodak files.

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