What should I know before buying a D600? Sensor dust problems?

Started Oct 30, 2012 | Questions thread
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Re: There are no problems + photo

So many people come on here, see a few threads about a few individuals who have dust on their sensor which probably represent less than 0.01% of D600 owners (which EASILY could have been caused by careless lens changes) and somehow jump to the conclusion that dust (which is an issue for every single DSLR ever made) is now a Nikon-specific problem that Nikon needs to address? That is ridiculous.

Buy with confidence, the D600 is just fine and any "problems" are remedied in literally one minute.

I was aware of the dust problems. Thinking that they would be incidental i bought a D600 anyway and if i happened to be one of the unlucky few i'd clean the sensor and be okay.

In the first batch of photo's i uploaded to my laptop there was a blue sky f/22 out of focus image, just to be sure. When browsing through the preview images i could already see some specs so i opened the file in Photoshop and tweaked the levels to reveal most of the contamination.


This example looks nowhere near something you would see when taking actual photo's, but it does shows out of the box contamination quite well.

Maybe i am one of those 0,01 percenters, and i'm quite sure Nikon will fix this eventually. But at the moment i've spent 2000 euro on a product that gives me mixed feelings.

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