Game Changing Video Camera on Oct 30th?

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Since you dodged the questions before...

KingDon wrote:


You asked the question

  • Would these new video cameras coming cheaper and cheaper finally put an end to DSLR video, especially for pro use?

And I answered

  • No. DSLR video gets people into the game for $600 (APS) and $2,000 (FF). Two cameras, two laptops, some NAS, some steadies, a cart, sound gear, and a used van for $15K...

But you ignored that answer, and posted two more sets of links that you apparently didn't read through, or possibly, didn't understand, because they also give you the very same answer that I did.

So, let's put this to bed, shall we?

A pair of APS (that's what "Super 35" means, incidentally) cine cameras at $15K and $25K do not "put an end to DSLR video" at literally 1/40 to 1/20 the cost, $400-1200.

And, I'd like to repeat this question.

  • What is with anti-video rants, anyway? "Finally put an end" to what? Why?
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