A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

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Re: A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

theswede wrote:

sensibill wrote:

Same ACR, same non-NR, non-sharpened export resampled to 16MP and exported JPEG baseline max quality.

How do you know the same ACR algorithm is used? Have you audited the source code? ACR uses different algorithms, different defaults and different processing settings for pretty much every camera - by necessity since the RAW files are very different - and there is no explicit attempt to create comparable conversions between cameras.

I said same ACR, not same internal algorithms. Not that you have presented any data on how A65 ACR conversions differ to account for mystifyingly worse chroma noise performance than A57. It must be a conspiracy.

Indeed, it would be futile to try to make comparable default conversions since sensors do not respond linearly to changes in circumstance. Everything from color separation, noise reduction (yes, ALL sensor arrays employ noise reduction in consumer cameras, no exceptions), gain and linearity in read-out varies, so there is no baseline to start from.

How exactly does a sensor array employ noise reduction prior to the imaging pipeline?

So no baseline exists, so you can't say the A65 doesn't produce equal results in any form, and no sensor comparative evaulation can exist. According to your logic.

There are, again, too many uncontrolled variables to draw any kind of conclusion about what is actually going on.

And we need to know what exactly is going on in order to say Camera A has cleaner high ISO than Camera B why?

Again, your view is, that either A65 has equal noise performance at high ISO normalized or all such comparative efforts are void in the absence of precisely identical pipelines and associated algorithms both in camera and out. Which is it? Not that it matters.

The rest of us will suffer with flawed comparisons that show us performance baselines that either exist or not, but if they do, they don't matter, according to you. This will be great news to owners of first gen 12MP Micro 4/3 cameras when they learn that the Olympus OM-D and GH3 have nothing (relevant) on them in terms of IQ. Indeed, image quality as a concept is moot.

All according to you.

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