A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

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Re: A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

Objective evaluation shows them to be almost precisely the same in actual performance. The only differences are in processing choice in camera, the amount of information in the images is the same. DxO shows this, as do independent tests.

This is a false claim.

Thank you for your graph and screenshots supporting my point. The sensors are almost precisely the same in actual performance, as expected from sensors of the same generation, so the choice comes down to personal preference of default treatment of data and handling.

DPR is useless for this comparison. No, scratch that, worse than useless

False, hyperbolic statement.

Not in the least. DPR can't even keep focus points consistent, much less amount of light entering the camera, so their "comparisons" are a useless pile of junk.

That's not hyperbole. That's how it is. The hyperbole starts after that, when explaining how much time has been wasted arguing over differences which are down to uncontrolled variables and not cameras.

But ultimately the best way to determine whether a camera can do what one wants is to find photos on the 'net where someone has done what one wants to do. If they are good, then the camera can be used to produce them.

This is applicable to almost any camera above a basic compact.

Indeed. Thanks for the support.

The A57 does not 'lose shadow detail'. The A57 images have less chroma noise. Period.

The A57 has less chroma noise and less shadow detail. The amount of information in the images is almost exactly equal. Even DPR shows this, although I wouldn't trust that comparison for anything at all.

But taking photos with both and trying to make them look as good as possible is a good way of finding if the camera will match a workflow one is comfortable with.

Any camera will 'match a workflow' because you're dealing with the same (RAW) format.

Trivially incorrect, as evidenced by the differences between A65 and A57 RAW images. The in camera processing is vastly different meaning the images require different workflows to reach optimal quality.


And since baseline image quality is pretty much equal that's a non-issue.

In short, don't listen to claims and opinions on the forum. Go see for yourself. Ignore people that claim this or that test is irrelevant, or how to 'interpret' the data to favor one model when your eyes tell you something different.

Indeed. Ignore subjective evaluations of unprocessed images from sources with multiple uncontrolled variables. That is the best advice possible. Unfortunately that rules out all subjective evaluation of OOC images, but that's a feature, not a bug. The end result is what matters, not the way there.


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