D600, 5D3 pics (lots) and observations

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Re: D600, 5D3 pics (lots) and observations

gl2k wrote:

I've attached an example. In both version I only dragged the "shadows" slider fully to the right. What you get from both programs is not even close. It's light years ahead.

  1. Original RAW file developed in NX2 with default settings.
  2. NX2 shadow lifting
  3. LR 4.2 shadow lifting

To my eyes, the lifted NX shot exhibits noticeable haloing in the sky around the buildings - akin to HDR processing. The LR lift does not seem to exhibit this.

Seems to me that NX is doing more than simply lifting the shadows in the image.

When I lift shadows much (rarely), I just want the shadows lifted - I don't want some type of HDR processing or effect applied. So I'll respectfully disagree with your claim that NX is "light years ahead", at least in this example.

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