What is the verdict on the current state of X100 autofocus?

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Re: What is the verdict on the current state of X100 autofocus?

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Sorry but I do about 35-40% of my X100 shooting at night. I don't have any of your issues. Compared to a D80, it's as quick and hunts less than a D80 with fast glass. Compared to a D800 it's slow.

It's easier to learn the camera and it's method of focusing than being frustrated.

First, I'm really familiar with the contrast detection autofocus system used by the X100 and what needs to be done to coax the best from it. What Fuji has done in terms of performance improvements with the same type of AF in the XPro-1 proves that it can work better than it currently does on the X100.

The fact that you shoot 30-40% at night doesn't necessarily mean much in this discussion...there's plenty at night that's reasonablly well lit, like streets for example. So what are you shooting and in what kind of light? I shoot a lot of food photography in the low ambient light of restaurants, and the X100's AF is very hit and miss. Fortunately for rme, the food isn't moving, so I can take as long as I need to get the shot right. Sometimes, the AF nails it immediately, even with foods that don't have much contrast which I think would be trouble. Other times, it hunts again and again, repeatedly, before it finally locks focus...

Sorry but food won't work either. My wife and are are serious foodies. We just got back from 3 1/2 months in Europe. Probably 500 keeper shots of food. Very frequently in dim artificial light. Perhaps I pitched 200 shots but that was due to camera shake at very low shutters, composition or dof issues, nothing to do with the X100's ability.

And forget about lots of ambient light. Dim house lights on cobble stone streets laid out in the 1400's.  You want low light shooting, buy an X100, a great camera.

I just started my X100. A fraction under 2 seconds. How fast do you want it? I use a 95mbps SanDisk. Import to a Mac. Reformat every time it's put back in the camera. Delete in camera all the time.

You either have a Fuji warranty issue or you need to learn the camera and spend some time questioning everything you are doing. I shoot no lower than f4 unless I want little dof. Perhaps try and see if that makes a difference. Otherwise the normal stuff, evf, small focus square. Your issues with the camera were solved long ago. After 1.13, we can only look at ourselves.

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