The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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Re: With the risk of trading in a scratch for a a left Af issue.

MariusMM wrote:

Has any one tried to sending it to NIKON and getting it fixed? I've contacted Nikon Customer Support send them that picture, they told me to send it to Nikon for a fix, same thing with OIL spill. But because i need my camera for upcoming photo shots i will hold on from sending, for now.

Exactly. Nikon will fix it because it is not normal, but if you don't send the camera in it will not be fixed. You can wait but you must contact Nikon immediately when the camera is new otherwise they might blame you for it, and might not fix it under the warranty, but you have to agree with them that you will wait.

That's just my point. I can not understand why people are discussing issues on this forum and do nothing about them on their own. Who is best to fix problems if not Nikon?

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