The scratch right below the reflecting mirror on D600.

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Re: The question is whether this leads to a faulty camera or not.

lock wrote:

It may or may not lead to unwanted reflections, it may or may not cause debri on the mirror/sensor, it may or may not damage the mechanical parts of the mirror box. But does it do this?


There is no way to answer your question, and the answer is not important. It is not supposed to be like that, it was not caused by the user so it is an fault which falls under warranty. If you care about it or not is entirely up to you.

If you buy a brand new car and just when you are about to sign the deal, collect the keys and pay for it you notice a scratch half way across the left front door... would you pay for that car? If not, why not? The car will perform just as well, it will be just as nice to drive it or sit just as comfortable in it both with and without the scratch...

For myself I know the answer, there is no way I would pay for that car and as a matter of fact, would not even accept that they fix it unless the fix is a change of door and the result is 100% identical color, no tone difference at all. Maybe that's just me and I am too demanding, but when I buy something new it must be new, it must feel new and it should have no scratches and I don't care about if it has any effect on performance or not.

If on the other hand I was the cause of the scratches then so be it, sh!t happens and I either live with it or byte the bullet and pay for the service or whatever fix it needs.

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