My date with Sandy!

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l_objectif wrote:

Zephir 750 wrote:

l_objectif wrote:

Tonight, I am receiving Sandy! I will open a good bottle of wine and spend an exciting time with her!

Gianluca; you are missing something, my friend!

This is how it looks right now, Monday afternoon, from my balcony! … I wonder how many of those trees are going to offer their life tonight to beautiful Sandy.


I'm not Gianluca, but Giuseppe.

I'd just like to offer all my understanding and wish, both to you and the trees, that Sandy is going to behave herself, possibly have a toast with you and when morning comes be gone like a good girl without too much fuss.

All the best...and take care,


Dear Giuseppe, now it is getting too dark for shooting. I hope I will have light when Sandy is here to better see her!

This morning, I was planning to go to the sea, about 3 hours from here, to shoot the wild sea. But they evacuated all the places by the sea and main bridges are closed!

So, all I have left to do now, is to open my bottle of wine!

Kind Regards,

Thank you so much, Giuseppe!

I am sure she would be a good girl, but violent! ... I like that!

Actually, she will not leave in the morning and will stay with me a good part of the day! But you never know; I may like it!


Hello Louis,

though daring and possibly rather risky, I'd like that too. Nature displays, especially extreme ones like Sandy, have their own kind of fascination in spite of their many drawbacks.

Anyhow, I reckon and hope that by now things are boiling down a little.

Take care...and happy shooting as soon as you'll be in a position to do that,


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