5DIII - I feel taken

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Re: 5DIII - I feel taken

JOrtiz wrote:

I am still paying for my Canon 5D Mark III I bought from B&H for $3,500 and 5 months later it is selling in the same place, in the same new condition for less than $3,000.

With the best of the good faith we buy, even when thought was an overpriced item, an item and realize later that they relize it was overpriced. What about all the units sold at full overpriced amount?

I feel disappointed and taken. Is it Canon or is it B&H, Adorama etc. the charlatan?

Is it a Canon's game or is it a vendor's game?

Did they force you to buy it? You paid premium to have it 5 months earlier. Reach people pay premium for getting small edge for small amount of time, and they never think twice, they are always happy and proud they were first, gives them “bragging” right they were first.

Poor pay premium and then have bad aftertaste, because …. They are poor.

Those cameras should cost 1000-1500 max but they are luxury items, so we need to pay more for them.

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