Images from my new XZ-1

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Re: Images from my new XZ-1

I like the look of pics without a flash so I get excited whenever I see a fast 1.8 lens and the XZ-1 has me really excited. That's because it's also sharp and the jpg's colors are incredibly accurate and vibrant. Even the fill flash on this camera does a very good job to highlight subjects.

Thanks for the tips Jon... and your settings sheet. Just sold a B+W polarizing filter (67mm) on eBay. I just sold my NEX-5 and soon the D7000.

KDM... the XZ-1 is very sharp and Jon... that it can fit in a shirt pocket or easily slip into a jeans pocket is a big plus for me. It's a lot easier grabbing the the XZ-1 than a D7000 or even an NEX-5 and like they say, "the camera that you use the most..." The D7000 is really a great camera, just not what I need at this time.

Take a look and compare for sharpness, color rendering, size and ease of use. The XZ-1 is a great design, for my casual purposes. I get great looking jpgs with a single lens for under $200.. priceless.

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