Canon and high 46 Mp camera. What is going on?

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SubPrime wrote:

I spoke with a Canon rep this evening and they flatly denied the rumors about a 46mpx high res body. Note, they didn't act coy, they unequivocally said it was not true.

They stated that it was not their market and that the Niokn D800 had shown that the lenses are simply not up to it.

When asked about an update to the 35 1.4, they wouldn't confirm or deny it.

I have no idea about definitely whether or not, or, if so, when Canon will release an over 40MP DSLR. However, I do have an informed hunch that they soon will.

A couple of months ago, I did have a long conversation with someone pretty high up the chain at Canon USA and one of his associates, and they were obviously trying to survey my opinion on a number of future development ideas, including the high MP idea. I could tell at the time that their reaction to my reply (positive for over 40MP, including the reasons for my opinion) was, while slightly coy, telling. It looked to me, more by their body language and what they didn't say than what they did, that they clearly had some type of high MP body in the pipeline, and they were assessing photographers' input. Based on that meeting, I woiuld be very surprised if we didn't see something like a 46 MP body from Canon in the next 12 months.

We'll just have to wait and see.



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