EX1 vs EX2...........?

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Re: EX1 vs EX2...........?

I debated the EX1 (I am buying a Samsung refurbed for $250) vs the EX2F at $150 more ($399) and felt there wasn't that much of a difference to justify it.  Personally I also need to buy a ton of accessories and if I do want to upgrade I can sell the EX1 for not much less than I paid.

I am just going to be using it mostly for self-portrait type shots of my weight lifting progress and needed something with an articulated screen and wide angle to shoot over my shoulder into a mirror behind me.

My wife owns the S95 and an SD780.  I had a A650IS prior to it being stolen and felt it didn't go wide enough ever and that it's zoom-ability could easily be replaced with a few steps forward   I have no idea why Canon doesn't go wider than 28mm and even then with not so fast glass.

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