Sales of the Sony A99

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Re: Sales of the Sony A99

ianbrown wrote:

I noticed an authorised retailer in the UK had 5 in stock last week and has since sold one.

just wondered if the pre-orders of this camera were as good as Sony had expected?

Where I live, I hung around a sonystyle for a little bit. In that time, someone walked out with 20 A99 units (a professional videographer company) and also saw the staff ask some new customers to please wait 20 minutes while new stock arrive from the warehouse. 10 minutes later, 6 more A99 units were sold. And that's just in that one shop.

it looks a very nice hi spec camera but are the advantages worth the extra over the D800 or you can now get the Canon 5D MKIII for same price, not to mention the D600 for £800 less.

I guess we may see the A99 come below £2000 then sales may be more bouyant?

Oh jeez, this dead horse needs to be kicked again? Are the dozens of similar threads that already discussed this to death not enough? Quick answer? Yes they are worth it, the image quality and user-friendliness is better then the 5DMkIII, the D600 is a crippled little camera that cannot keep up with the A99, and yes, sales are already buoyant.

am I correct in saying the main advantages over othe FF is the video capabilities ?

You don't know the usual advantages of FF vs crop, especially in terms of DR and high ISO?

I am tempted but is 3 times the cost of the A77

Before anyone says it, yes I know I have had lots of cameras bla bla bla

Apparently not.

But it's not a crime!



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