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IOW, you were probably "ripped off"

G6u7a1m wrote:

Thanks for the help. So I upgraded the power supply with an ultra ls500 and a galaxy 610 video card and all my problems went away with video playback. I just have one more quick question, would I be able to replace the processor without replacing the motherboard or should I do both at the same time.

IOW, if some local vendor convinced you that you need a PSU upgrade for a GT 610, you were ripped off. That's the lowest power draw, lowest performance card in Nvidia's current lineup, and has a Maximum TDP of around 29 Watts.

You did not need a PSU upgrade for that card (around $30 to $35 delivered from most vendors) period. Even the faster GT 620 that I suggested (around $50 to $55 delivered from most vendors) would have worked just fine with your existing PSU.

Only if you got into a faster GT 640 would your PSU power have been a concern (although it would have probably worked with your existing PSU, too, it would have been "borderline" as to power requirements).

IOW, I've got a feeling that someone "saw you coming" and took advantage of you if you paid someone to upgrade your PSU in order to install a [very] low power draw card like a GT 610.

If that's what happened and it were me, I'd insist on them taking the PSU and card back and giving me a refund.

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