A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

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Re: A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

sensibill wrote:

What you are showing is how you can't let this issue go. Respectfully, I'm not spending more time on this today, or in this thread (already sufficiently hijacked although OP had made their choice).

I'll leave you with your own words from 5 months ago. Maybe you can argue with yourself:

You have to remember that the A57 has larger pixel sites, so on every theoretical level it is always going to be slightly advantaged even when we resize for comparison at high ISO's.

My take is they are fairly close, but the nod has to go with the A57, but it seems very small and you have to factor in low ISO 24 vs 16MP as the upside to that..

LOL, that was exactly the time I then was pointed at the theory and science behind it.. and guess what, I changed my mind..

Remember, I had my A77 at that time as well, but had the belief the A57 was superior..

Anyway, here's the ISO3200 comparisons.

Using LR4.2 (Same ACR raw converter I believe?)

A57 is with all NR off.. 
A65 is with only a tiny amount of Chroma NR (half of default Chroma NR value).

(No sharpening or luminance NR on either, A57 upscaled to 24MP, black levels matched for shadow comparison)

Again, with different camera RAW preconditioning and even different ACR pre-conditioning, this is only to show the A65 has what I'd class as identical information in the image..

I think it's obvious that somewhere in the 'chain' the A65 is not given the same RAW preconditioning as the A57, that doesn't mean it has less information, because clearly if you lift the noise veil, it easily equals the information contained within the A57's RAW file (or so close even pixel peepers would struggle..)

If you apply default Chroma to each, the differences are just as close..

This isn't hijacking the thread, it's very pertinent information, if you want to know when compared apples to apples which has the most information you can use for your images, the answer is both are too close to call..

As I said, I think a more fundamental factor is the ISO gain difference, I think practically that would have more of a profound effect at higher ISOs where the A57's propensity to want to meter 25% more light for the same scene is going to require less thought.

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