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Re: for lightroom 4

I think that is well worth the price. I would recommend the $25 monthly version (or, after you have tried it for a few months, save some money and buy the annual (basic) version). I'm not sure that the Premium version (with access to the example files) is worth the extra money.

If you do not like / use the service, you can quit. There is no term for the monthly subscription.

Some of the reasons I like Lynda (and the video tutorials) are:

  • They never go out of date. Books do. When a new version comes out, the tutorials are right behind.
  • The instructors are really, really good.
  • You can get an exhaustive tutorial for beginners, more in depth tutorials intermediate and expert users (and great refreshers for familiar users).
  • There are tutorials for new versions that highlight and cover only the new features and functions.
  • There are good instruction on all aspects of the application under study. They cover the basics but they also dive into features and functions that you may never come across by yourself. You can search the transcripts for a particular feature/function that you almost remember or have heard about.
  • You can watch at your own pace and go over a complex item again and again while you try it on your own system.
  • You can ​see​ what is happening!
  • And finally, you have the entire Lyndia Library art your disposal. This includes ALL of Adobe's software, Microsoft, and many others. There is even a Photography Foundation section that can help improve your skills if you are a beginner/intermediate.

All in all, it is a bargain that is hard to ignore. 1 good book will cost you 2 months of Lynda. And that is only one book! Try it out. You might like it. If not, nothing really lost.

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PS. I do not work for Lynda

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