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Re: SOLUTION... My on camera flash photos look just fine

Osiris Ani wrote:

Travelintrevor wrote:

There is an additional photo of the couple on your page that looks like it has some motion blur and this was surely due to bad settings.

As I recall, there's also a shot in the wedding section of the site in which the couple is completely out of focus. The focus landed on the feature in background, which is tack sharp. You might want to take another look at that, sixgun.

You are right, you never asked for them but got some feedback anyway because they support the argument that lack of 2nd sync support is not a/your real problem. You stated you don't use on camera flash but your site suggest otherwise..and adding background blur post? Again, done because of bad camera settings or lack of proper equipment. Your choices for those photos show that 2 sync is not a real problem, but just something that you seem to have clung to, made an issue out of it and felt like posting about.

Here's the thing— I actually do think that a lack of second curtain sync for non-Canon strobes is a problem, because I use it with my speedlites quite often*. I simply think that the bride/groom example sixgun has chosen does not at all illustrate the point he's trying to make. Don't spend a lot of time talking about prowess and accolades and then demonstrate it with a technically mediocre photo that doesn't seem to benefit from the feature that's being hammered.

* And I disagree that speedlites are never up to the task. There's a tool for every purpose, and then there's just subjective opinion.

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Well we can agree on one thing - I probably used a bad example and did not properly explain my point.  I tried to edit the OP but I was locked out due to time.   If you go down further in the post there is an explanation.   
I posted another thread in the same  1d/5d section on the use of 2nd Curtain - maybe that will help...

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