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Re: SOLUTION... My on camera flash photos look just fine

Osiris Ani wrote:

sixgun wrote:

1st try - shot with single frontal flash, subjects properly exposed but no detail in background, etc.

Here's the irony. Except for the stray person in the back, and the need for some fill toward the bottom, this is a much better photo than that other one. Sure, it could have benefitted somewhat from a bit more light in the background, but not nearly as much as can be seen in your example. The other one appears flat because it is flat; the lighting is so uniform that the subjects are lost within the rest of the composition.

Just because a photograph is not meeting some rule or merit point to you does not mean it does not have value. Maybe it does not fit the mold you have of an image, but did you consider what WE were trying to achieve for a client? The truth is the client wanted input - so we worked with them. The bride wanted to see the background because it had meaning to HER and this was a very difficult place to work in with little time and waning light - so we gave them what they wanted and they LOVED the end result. Do they care if the shot was flat? Do I ? HELL NO. It met a need.
I guess I could have used a better example, but the shot was done with 2nd Curtain and it allowed us to get a shot that otherwise would have been possible under the conditions.  
I can see why you would not like a journalistic photo like ours though - we don't use harsh light, drama and our clients don't have scars, tattoos, piercings and mohawks.
Kidding aside, I was not looking for an argument or a debate on an image.

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