The Illusion of the 45 / 30mp Foveon Sensor

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Re: The Illusion of the 45 / 30mp Foveon Sensor

It just depends on what side is the illusion/dellusion of the MP count. If the Bayer count is so "refined" as a lot of band waggonners tend to state here the need for an Hasselblad 200MS (multishot) would be well not needed. By the way the 200MS is a bit flawed as they are actually taking 4 shots over a shifting 50MP sensor. If Hasselblad can have that "liberty" ie multiplying by 4 a 50MP sensor and calling the shot a 200MP then Sigma is shortchanging themselves with only a 45MP claim.

The Merrill sensor is a pure 15MP multishot WITHOUT the multishot!! Using the Hassy arithmetics it should be called a 60MP SINGLESHOT

Desconstruing the hype the Hassy is a pure 50MP multishot

The Merrill is a pure 15MP Singleshot,

Everything else in medium format claim is whatever hype you want to give to it!

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