The need to add links to larger size images of the pictures you post in this Forum

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The need to add links to larger size images of the pictures you post in this Forum

One of the new “features” on our new forum is both the way images are posted in the limit on the size of the images that are posted. I understand the logic of doing this, given limited bandwidth issues and the fact that some people have been posting extremely large images, but it does present a problem for those of this us who are interested in seeing the picture as the photographer meant it to be seen, or to those who wish to judge the quality of the photographs posted (even given the limits of what you can do when you’re looking at something posted on the Internet).
To make things worse, when you post an image it includes a button labeled “original.” This is simply the largest size that they allow you to post, it is not the largest image that can be produced from a Sigma X3F file, or any other camera’s largest image either.
This is the reason we have always provided a link to our Pbase galleries (or whatever gallery) for any image we post here in this form. In our Pbase gallery you can see the true large and even the true original sizes of the picture,
I believe it is now important for people to provide links to the largest size image they want to share with other people.
This has its risks. Since Nancy and I are not functioning at this point as professional photographers, we do post true “original” size pictures, even though we know this does leave us open to someone stealing our work. (In this regard, we are very pleased with the number of people who have asked permission to use our pictures in more general ways.  For example, one of Nancy’s pictures has been used on the cover of a catalog for electronic equipment, and a number of her flower pictures are being used in other ways as well ; the Five Rivers Educational Center in Delmar NY is using my pictures of Five Rivers in their educational programs, and the State agency advertising Pennsylvania has my permission to use my Nay Aug shots in their programs. But we have no idea how many people may be using them without our permission (so far nobody has let us know they have seen any of our pictures being used in a questionable way.) Incidentally, we have no objection to people downloading and printing pictures for their own private purposes, comparing them to other pictures for example, but we do want people to ask permission for any more general use, especially professional uses).
Even if you are only allowing people to see largest size examples of what you have posted, if what you are willing to share is larger than what the Forum now allows you to post it is worthwhile to a add link to this larger size image so we can see the largest size you are willing to make available.
At this point, what dpreview allows us to show is barely more usable the a thumbnail. It still shows the subject of the shot, but it’s useless for really seeing the picture in its full quality (for seeing what picture we provides for you to see, or feeling what might it might evoke).
My comments here were prompted by comments made by Larryj on Nancy’s images of Roaring Brook we posted recently when he said, “ The photos lose detail and luminosity when ported to the dpreview site at the small size. The images are rich and beautiful, and it does not show here. Thanks for sharing.” This is true not only of Nancy’s pictures but of many of the pictures posted in this dpreview Forum and other dpreview Forums as well.
Providing such links is an extra step in the process of posting, but I think it really will allow people to see your work more fully, and so it is worth the extra work.
Incidentally, posting a link is very simple. Instead of adding .jpg (or whatever format your original image is in) simply post the url of your gallery or whatever site you are directing people to. In my case, because of the way Pbase posts images, I add the size of the image I want posted here. I use large because I know that is larger than what they will allow and so I’ll get as much is possible into the post.)
Here is an example of one of the recent images we posted and the link below it;

Full Information and true large and original size images are at:

Just a suggestion.

Pete and Nancy

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