What should I know before buying a D600? Sensor dust problems?

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Re: There are no problems

AllOtherNamesTaken wrote:

EVERY DSLR from EVERY brand gets dust on the sensor eventually. It varies wildly depending on the conditions lenses are changed in and the frequency of the changes. 2 seconds with a rocket blower or the in-camera sensor cleaning gets rid of any dust.

As for oil on the sensor, the odd spot isn't uncommon in the first little while of usage. It takes about 60 seconds to clean a sensor if you ever even notice it (Most people don't, but forum paranoia has everyone shooting white walls at F32).

My D600 is dust & oil free, as are most of them. Keep in mind 9/10 people will post when they think something is wrong, but perhaps only 1/10 people will post to say "everything is good here".

So many people come on here, see a few threads about a few individuals who have dust on their sensor which probably represent less than 0.01% of D600 owners (which EASILY could have been caused by careless lens changes) and somehow jump to the conclusion that dust (which is an issue for every single DSLR ever made) is now a Nikon-specific problem that Nikon needs to address? That is ridiculous.

Buy with confidence, the D600 is just fine and any "problems" are remedied in literally one minute.

Thanks for your kind reply. I've been reading on other forums about people constantly running into the spots even after sensor cleanup, so I wonder if cleaning the sensor really solves the problem or not. I'm basically trying to understand if this is a real concern or more like forum-induced academic paranoia.

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