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The toughest thing about this shot is knowing for sure what the subject is.  You would probably say, "it's the scene."

It's a beautiful setting and view.  You have a few challenges here and per chance I'm bursting your bubble, I offer some critique.

As Ted indicates, the moon is small but that by itself isn't a deal breaker.  The foreground needs to be carefully considered as to it's effect on the viewer.

In this case, more work on your part to frame the foreground elements to avoid cutting off buildings and to offer some alignment to the viewer to guide their eye into the frame is recommended.  I think the foreground elements are too strong and do not lead the eye but cause it to wander around the frame.

The power in a photo comes from limited number of elements (unless their pattern is the subject), so simplification is key.

It's obviously a beautiful place and you chose the right time to take the shot.  But depending on your competition it may not have enough strength composition-wise to make the cut.

I think you should try again considering the foreground (clutter) and what you mind's eye vision of this shot really is and attempt to match it.

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