IQ difference between 1Ds II and 1Ds III ?

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Re: IQ difference between 1Ds II and 1Ds III ?

Main things I like more more about the 1Ds3 are:

-better LCD. It's a lot bigger, better, and more accurate.

-faster operation than the II (shooting, reviewing images, write times, etc..)

-nicer files - I never could get the look and colors right on the II. While files from the III are great.

-fast AF!

-super long battery life on the III, and the batteries are a lot smaller and lighter. Also the charger itself is smaller and lighter.

-USB for tethered shooting (don't need a firewire port on your laptop to tether.)

IMO the III is FAR better than the II. It's a beautiful camera. I think the handling is better than any of the 5D cameras, aside from the weight!

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