5DIII - I feel taken

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Re: 5DIII - I feel taken

I bought my 5D3 kit in July for $4000 and now its going for $250 less. Do I regret the $250 price drop in 3 months? No, because I took a week long vacation in September to Walt Disney World and absolutely love the photos I got. I made a calculated decision to pay more than I know I would need to in a few months so I could enjoy the camera sooner.

I went to WDW last year with my 60D / 15-85mm and the jump in quality of the pics I got this year was shocking. Yes I overspent and could have saved some decent cash by waiting until fall like I was originally going to, but for me, the ability to take the new camera with me on vacation was worth the extra $250 and I have no regrets.

Any piece of technology will decrease in price over time. That's even more likely when the item is considered over-priced by most people at launch. There's a cost for being impatient and in this case, it was $500 for you and $250 for me. I knew that going in and I'm OK with that.

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