A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

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Re: A57 or A65 for lowlight wildlife?

philbot wrote:

sensibill wrote:

Any camera will 'match a workflow' because you're dealing with the same (RAW) format. It's whether the BASELINE IMAGE QUALITY MATCHES THE NEEDS OF THE INDIVIDUAL.

You are right, people should use their own eyes (and head) when looking at the data..

The problem is, it'll make your head hurt, because all the face value data you find either has a large dollop of inconsistency to it (so who do you believe?) or it's easily misinterpreted..

What makes MY head hurt are the extraordinary lengths to which self-appointed defenders of the A65/77 go to try to undermine existing tests, personal experience and hard visual proof while providing your own custom-tailored interpretation where there's no difference or even a 'detail advantage' for the A65/77 when pixel normalized.

Slight differences in exposure do not cause significant differences in chroma noise or give a scene a decided purple cast. What we are seeing here is not because ACR is interpreting data 'inconsistently', or due to wildly varied studio lighting, a 1/200sec difference in exposure, the A57 applying NR, attack by giant atomic insects, planetary alignment or any other reason other than the simple fact that the A65/77 makes more noise at high ISO.

Same ACR, same non-NR, non-sharpened export resampled to 16MP and exported JPEG baseline max quality.

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