Anyone tried RAW, then reverted to JPEG only?

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tbcass wrote:

I used to be an audiophile who bought the most expensive gear in an attempt to achieve the most perfect sound possible. Getting the best possible IQ is something similar so I can appreciate the desire for it. These days the music is more important to me than the sound quality so I settle for lesser sound as long as it's good enough to enjoy the music. I can still appreciate the sound of a high end system but it is no longer something I need. Same with my photography.

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Tom, I was about to add virtually the same comment regarding audio. Back in my university days we were all building our own amps and preamps and buying nothing but the best turntables that would not damage the vinyl. In fact, even with 3/4 gram tracking you didn't dare play a record twice in 24 hours because the grooves had been heated and distorted by the stylus friction and needed time to reset to their original state. I could not imagine anyone buying a cheap stereo system. Today the music is mostly for background because listening to conversation is more important. Of course, being significantly past the age of 35 when hearing acuity begins to decline I can't hear those high frequencies anymore anyway.

One's standards and priorities change with time, especially considering that time remaining is becoming less and less. So whether it is audio or photography, do what you enjoy -- but just do it!!!


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