Interesting Update on D300 Damage: Changing Lens w/ Power On

Started Oct 30, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Interesting Update on D300 Damage: Changing Lens w/ Power On

glad you got it fixed ,I have inadvertantly changed lenses and cards in the past with power on , and not suffered any problems ,though Nikons advice is "common sense" rather than nessesity , the only way to short a card or lens ,would be if the person fitting them were particularly ham fisted . if you study the pin layout for the CF card slot you will if you look carefully see that some pins are lower than others ,this is so that in the event of a card being changed in a powered (hot) system the power supply and relay pins are the last to connect ,this would prevent any surge to any of the data pins etc. to cause a problem the card would have to be pushed on in a lop sided fashion (not square). this is why Nikon state you should not change them while power is on .

lens contacts are similarly designed so that the contacts carrying potentially harmful currents should contact last , its such a subtle alignment difference ,but unless someone imparts an unnatural force (sideways) to the lens there should be no problem . not that I reccomend changing either lens or cards without switching off first, but its the reason that so many accidentally do, and so few actually have a problem as a result .

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