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Re: I didn't know NEX-6 doesn't have mic input, can it use SONY NEX boom mic?

Reference my earlier post, here is the enquiry I sent to Sony

"I purchased a NEX-6 kit, which is en route. Have discovered to my surprise that there is no external Sony (or any) microphone available for this otherwise excellent camera. Searched Sony Web sites and other such as DPReview and no satisfactory answers available. Cannot believe that Sony would release such a camera with quality video capabilities and not provide a mic. such as my ALST1 for my A580 or the SST1 I could also use on my NEX-5N. Surely there is a solution?"

Here is the "unbelievable" answer

"Thank you for your recent e-mail.

Kindly be informed that the NEX-6 was not designed to have a microphone with it and it is clearly not shown on the website.
Please accept my apologies for any disappointment or inconvenience that this issue has caused.
Best regards,

So Sony offer an external Microphone for all the NEX-3/5 variations and NEX-7 but have not designed the NEX-6 to have an external microphone. I still cannot believe that is going to be the final answer, but then maybe Sony could just make such an omission.

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