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Re: Pentax K-30 review posted

I really think some of you guys are getting into a semantics debate and losing a great review in the weeds of where the video is ranked.

Look, when reading a real DPRewiew review, I like almost any fanboy, go to the conclusion page, read the pros, cons, and conclusion, then look at the numbers and whether or not it received an award, then go back to read the portions I want to know. I saw the review and thought they really liked this camera.

Look, video is good on this camera, just not as good as some other offerings...Does this make it bad? No. I think the K-30's video capabilities work great, but would not get the camera because I feel the need to have an external mic for the video I would shoot normally. Currently I am using a K-01 for this, and with the new firmware it is great (and eventhough it does have a dedicated video button, I still find myself switching to video mode).

The problem is not the review, but how most people go about buying cameras. The fact is, people look at cameras today and want both still and video - the dedicated video camera is getting pushed up-market, and most consumers are relying on their smartphones and cameras to handle video. For a number of reasons - could be because of reliance on screw-drive lower lenses on the lower end, or utilizing sensor stabilization instead of lens stabilization, or something else - Pentax does not have continuous focus, but has the ability to update at a push of a button. For many shooters, MF is the only way they would roll anyways for focusing.

Unfortunately, weathersealing is not something that is thought about by most photographers. I do agree, however, that the dual scroll wheels should be a huge pro not matter what.

but in the end this review confirms all we know about Pentax - the top camera for photos, pretty good at video, and built like a tank.

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