Why no focus issues with D5100 or D3100 compared with D7000

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Re: Not shutter/Mirror Vibration

Barry Fitzgerald wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

I understand but that's not caused by shutter or mirror vibration.

I'm not so sure whilst I've rarely had problems with SLR's regarding this specific issue..D7k does seem to have more slightly shaky shots even at safe speeds. D90 did not show this from my use of it.

The inconsistent low-light AF performance must be user fault too. And it's tendency to overexpose in certain situations...
Don't get me wrong, I liked my D7K, but got stolen so I want to invest my money on a system that has most of the "limitations" of the D7K fixed. Name it D400 (thats what I hope).

The low-light focus issue is a AF sub-mirror calibration issue as I pointed out above. It occurred in a few models and is now easily fixed and very rare in regards latest samples.

Overexposure in certain issues is not a fault of the camera. Live View does it on purpose in certain conditions to match the rear LCD and Focus Point bias needs to be accounted for in PDAF/Matrix

D7000-overexpose see part 2

The metering quirks are well known but hardly deal breakers on their own it is over biased to the AF point in AF-S, hence your black suit guy can get overexposed by near to a couple of stops, you can still get underexposure with backlit scenes again no big deal we can compensate for this.

D90 IMO is superior for metering less bias to the AF point, no perfect but I feel better overall.

Sub mirror.. I think the problem goes beyond just that. I know the Nikon brochure says "razor sharp AF system" can't say I ever felt that was a good description.

Let's bury this user/settings/pixel density once and for all some folks are just ok about ho hum AF performance, as Mira said she now uses live view because shock..the focus is inconsistent. No idea why it's like that..it's really not half as good as it makes itself out to be. 39 AF points..nice but I'd take just one that could focus accurately!

It's easy to blame users/lenses/settings/pixels..a lot of people have reported problems and most of them are about the AF. Can't all be wrong?



I just took 730 shots of a friend's band in about 2 hours, in a DARK club a couple weeks ago.  So dark I was at ISO 6400, f/2.8 to f/4, and still had to drop SS to 1/80 or slower most of the time.  I got about 80% sharp shots, of MOVING SUBJECTS.  Tell me how horrible that is, for a "consumer" camera.

Just quit.  You say you want to "bury" the issue?  THEN STOP FREAKING POSTING ABOUT IT!!!

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