Re-visiting: A Sony full-frame mirrorless interchangeable lens camera ?

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Re: Re-visiting: A Sony full-frame mirrorless interchangeable lens camera ?

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FOR ME, I am ok if Sony markets a 36mp FF NEX with one or zero E-mount FF lens, initially. But the camera body only has to cost less than $3,500, AND, no magenta cast for adapting WA RF lenses from 24mm and longer. I will buy one in a heart beat. But I bet Sony WON'T be able to achieve this within two years, aka reasonable price point and no magenta cast.

I doubt that Sony is overly interested in producing a FF sensor that's designed specifically to work with wide RF lenses. I think they'd be more interested in selling you their own lenses, whether those are new FF NEX lenses or Alpha lenses that can be used via an adapter.

I think you're treating Sony like a camera company. Sony (as much as I've come to love their cameras) is an electronics company who's become quiet good at making cameras. Yes, they have some great lenses and I certainly wish they would make more but they've made it 100% clear they'd rather make and sell NEX bodies than NEX lenses--that's the big reason they made the mount open to lens makers. I think that RF compatibility would be 100% in keeping with their strategy thus far; however, the truth is that the M9 suffer frame magenta casts/vignetting with wide angle lenses--it just suffers less and uses lens profiles to overcome this. Sony, using an open lens mount system, would have a hard time profiling all of the 3rd party lenses in order to provide users with a comparable and seamless user experience.

I think there are ways around this and I think the big hold-up is that Sony didn't want an FF NEX to compete against the RX1 and A99. There is a lot of evidence that most of the magenta cast comes from the aliasing filter.

I think the DSLT A99 is no competition to the Canon 5D3/6D and Nikon D800-e/D600 DSLR. While many people like EVF, to me, using EVFs before and now with NEX-7, there is no match for an OVF.

So Sony has to break through the blockade. The opportunity is at the CSC, NEX in particularly. If AA filter is a major cause of magenta cast, then Sony can make a NEX-99 and a NEX-99e without AA, and steal from Leica M digital experience too.

Sony, use your strength (NEX) and avoid your weakness (A-SLT). Otherwise it will be a painful death, and the Sony management team loses their jobs (Yep, no one give a d*** about the employees and customers!). RX1 is just a small niche.

My 2cents CEO strategy.

I think that the FF OVF's gets a bit overrated when comparing them to modern EVF. The A77, 99 or NEX ones are more than enough.

There is only one area DSLR truly have the advantage over DSLT's, and that is the battery consumption/life, and the fact that you can compose with the camera turned off. But those are things you can get by, just by carrying a few extra batteries. The EVF liveview capability is the big advantage point for EVF's, and makes the work flow faster in most cases.

With EVF's of this quality I think ttoday it is a matter of taste, as both types will probably get the work done

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